I&C Systems

Westinghouse provides a variety of solutions to support operating instrumentation and control (I&C) systems, including replacement components, repairs, life extension, upgrades and modernization.

Westinghouse offers a full line of replacement parts and components for I&C systems. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the I&C systems Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering (CE) NSSS designs and plants, we are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality replacement parts and components, including Westinghouse I&C system parts, detectors, field-mounted instrumentation and more.

We also take advantage of our I&C repair shop capabilities and strategic partnerships to offer options to extend the life of I&C systems, such as power supply repair, printed circuit board repair and NIS drawer refurbishment.

In addition to replacing and extending the life of parts, we alternately upgrade and modernize existing I&C systems to meet original system requirements, qualifications and licensing basis.

Offering a full line of 1E-qualified equipment, Westinghouse meets your necessary requirements for complete replacement of existing systems, including cable and custom cabinet assemblies.