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Plant Modifications

Westinghouse offers integrated project experience to deliver improved value to our customers.

Westinghouse's expertise includes management and implementation of integrated projects of any dimension. The company's broad array of in-house capabilities and teaming agreements position us as an experienced supplier, offering procurement and construction packages for major component modifications, such as steam generator replacements, reactor vessel head replacements, condenser change-outs, moisture separator reheater upgrades, emergency diesel facilities, and many more.

Our global engineering, installation and modification services workforce is a mix of highly skilled technical and craft personnel who focus on safety and quality to deliver predictable, successful results.
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Upflow Conversion of Reactor Vessel Lower Internals
NS-ES-0064 Download PDF
WINCISE (Westinghouse In-Core Information Surveillance & Engineering)
NS-ES-0014 Download PDF
Baffle Bolt Services
NS-ES-0288 Download PDF
Piping and Component Repair and Replacement
NS-IMS-0037 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Closure Head Replacement
NS-IMS-0039 Download PDF
Simplified Head Assembly
NS-IMS-0042 Download PDF
Structural Weld Overlays
NS-ES-0296 Download PDF
Underwater Laser Beam Welding
NS-IMS-0050 Download PDF
Mechanical Stress Improvement Process
NS-IMS-0051 Download PDF
Mitigation Technology for Reactor Internal Components: Laser Peening
NS-IMS-0055 Download PDF
Pressurizer Heater Replacement Services
NS-IMS-0057 Download PDF
Guide Card Wear Inspection and Measurements
NS-IMS-0058 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Repair Contingency Planning
NS-IMS-0063 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Embedded Flaw Repair
NS-IMS-0064 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Internals Lifting Rig – Replacement or Upgrades
NS-IMS-0067 Download PDF
Shell and Plate Feedwater Heater Installation
NS-IMS-0071 Download PDF
Narrow Groove Welding System
NS-IMS-0035 Download PDF
Metrology Solutions
NS-IMS-0025 Download PDF
Field Machining
NS-IMS-0030 Download PDF
Remote Welding
NS-IMS-0044 Download PDF