Commercial Grade Dedication

Westinghouse technical expertise and test equipment leads the nuclear industry in commercial grade dedication (CGD).

As a total solution provider, Westinghouse has the capabilities to develop solutions for basic components that are no longer available from an OEM under a 10CFR50 App. B program. Based on the component's end use, Westinghouse develops the CGD acceptance plans to provide the required reasonable assurance that the item will perform its intended safety function. 
An original designer of nuclear plants around the world – from the first commercial nuclear plant at Shippingport, PA to today’s AP1000® plants – Westinghouse has the expertise to identify the required critical characteristics and has the methods and facilities necessary to validate them through testing and inspection. Westinghouse has extensive in-house testing and inspection capabilities including chemical, physical and dimensional, as well as specialty test equipment such as motor dynamometers, hydrostatic and breaker test equipment.
Westinghouse has made significant investments in equipment and skilled resources to perform a wide variety of commercial grade dedication. This team of qualified inspectors, technicians and engineers experienced in executing CGD activities enables Westinghouse to dedicate any type of component from fuses and bolts to circuit breakers and electrical cabinets.

Why Westinghouse?

  • Large part base and sourcing capabilities
  • State-of-art test equipment
  • Qualified pool of engineers and technicians
  • Extensive plant design and component expertise

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