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Zephyr® Advanced Acquisition System

NEI Efficiency Bulletin 17-03

Issue/Challenge: Arizona Public Service Company’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Wintersburg, Arizona had contracted with Westinghouse to inspect its steam generator during the spring 2017 outage season, as part of the plant’s regular steam generator maintenance program.
Development: Westinghouse deployed the Zephyr® Advanced Acquisition System at Palo Verde, which uses revolutionary probe delivery to more rapidly perform a high-quality eddy current examination for the plant. The innovative Zephyr eddy current testing system is proven to reduce outage schedule, radioactive waste and outage cost.
Solution/Results: At Palo Verde, use of Zephyr was utilized to examine 100 percent of the tubes in a steam generator from a single plenum. It also marked the first time that an eddy current data acquisition speed of 120 inches per second was performed on essentially all of the steam generator’s tubes. In addition, Zephyr contributed to the plant using the lowest number of probes ever.
Impact to Industry: All U.S.-based Westinghouse steam generator customers are recognizing the benefits of the Zephyr® system.

Narrow Gap Permanent Cavity Seal Ring

NEI Efficiency Bulletin EB 17-03

Issue/Challenge: Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) had utilized a temporary seal in the annulus gap between the reactor ledge and the cavity during flood-ups and refuels that did not provide a leak-tight path from the pool water and head pressure, and had to be removed prior to online operations (flow path requirement).
Development: Westinghouse Engineering designed a Narrow Gap Permanent Cavity Seal Ring (NG PCSR) that provided a permanent welded seal on the reactor and cavity sides with hatches for material handling which allows the seal to remain in place during online operation.
Solution/Results: The recent install in DCPP Unit 1 of a NG PCSR was a customized approach and proved to have a positive impact on the installation work activities with respect to rigging, concentricity-fit-up centering, and hatch installation and removal. Additionally, the installation provided the owner an outage with no leakage, and no future need to install and remove the seal thus saving time, money and man-rems during future outages.
Impact to Industry: Our Permanent Cavity Seal Ring solution delivers personnel dose reduction [safety], shorter outages and less maintenance [efficiency], and lower labor costs [economics].

Westinghouse 50.69 Program

NEI Efficiency Bulletin EB 17-09

Issue/Challenge: 10 CFR 50.69 (50.69) allows licensees to focus plant resources on maintaining Structures, Systems and Components (SSCs) with high safety significance by de-scoping safety-related SSCs that have low safety significance from the current special treatment programs and identifying less costly alternative treatments for SSCs.
Development: Westinghouse has developed a streamlined approach to promote cost-effective, standardized implementation of the 10 CFR 50.69 regulation throughout the industry. Specific activities that Westinghouse is supporting or has supported include:
  • Through our subject matter experts, Westinghouse is contributing technical leadership in the development of 50.69 implementation guidance under NEI 16-09 and in the development and implementation of alternative treatments under NEI 17-05.
  • Development of the Tool for Risk Informed Operations (TRIO) through Pressurized Water Reactors Owner Group (PWROG) project PA-RMSC-1515 to reduce the level of effort for categorization during implementation of 10 CFR 50.69. This database tool is under continuous improvement with PWROG members.
  • Generic categorization of the Containment Spray System through PWROG project PA-RMSC-1516. This pilot project is expected to develop a process to generically categorize plant systems with similar functions and designs across multiple plants and lead to generic categorization of other systems through the PWROG, resulting in significant savings for members. 
  • Alignment of categorization and alternative treatment activities with decisions made by the PWROG 50.69 Working Group. Westinghouse also directly supports this working group. 
Solution/Results: Westinghouse has developed a program to support our customers with implementation of the 10 CFR 50.69 program. Westinghouse is able to utilize the experience gained from the specific activities listed above to support the overall program execution. 

In a specific example, Westinghouse worked with the PWROG to deliver initial versions of the Tool for Risk Informed Operations. The tool streamlines the 50.69 categorization process to reduce 50.69 implementation costs. In support of our customers, this tool is available in its latest version as a complimentary download
Impact to Industry: Working with Westinghouse experts in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) and system design, as well as our use of the Tool for Risk Informed Operations and interactions with the industry, we are able to support our customers to efficiently implement the 50.69 program, which allows for dramatic reductions in operating costs. 

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NEI Efficiency Bulletin Link Product/Service Description
EB 16-16, EB 16-25, EB 17-10 Computer-Assisted Rack Tester (CART) CART, based on a patented methodology:
  • Performs complete 7300-system loop calibration checks and data analysis in as little as 10 minutes
  • Reduces opportunities for human error through fewer technician touch points
  • Reduces costs through reduced testing time and focused troubleshooting
  • Reduces maintenance costs through repeatable testing, improving trending and predictive capabilities
EB 16-16, EB 17-07 Submerged Visual Inspection Platform – SVIP™ The SVIP performs visual inspections (VTs) of internal components/objects in BWRs. The stand-alone capability makes the SVIP minimally dependent on lifting and positioning devices allowing for parallel activities in the vessel for a significant potential to reduce the critical-path time during an outage. This patented solution provides an automated and position feedback solution that affords better precision in identifying defects.
EB 17-03a CEDM High Temperature Gripper Coils Westinghouse’s CEDM High Temperature Gripper Coils are more tolerant of environmental and operating conditions than the current coil. Designed for a 60-year life operating at 500°F (short-term 640°F) versus the current coils, which are designed for 40-year life operating at 350°F
EB 17-03a Permanent Cavity Seal Ring The features of our Permanent Cavity Seal Ring ensure leak tightness while reducing critical path time (estimated at 10 -12 hours), personnel exposure (estimated at 50 – 500mRem) and labor costs during refueling. Elimination of hatch removal and re-installation will save additional time, crane picks and personnel exposure.
EB 17-03a Next Generation Rod Control Cluster Assembly (NG-RCCA) The NG-RCCA includes design changes aimed at increasing the integrity and longevity of the control rod assembly. The NG-RCCA longer lifetime (33% higher) reduces the frequency of required control rod replacements. This saves utilities on overall control rod procurement expenditures {cumulative costs of the hardware and site outage replacement activities}.
Multiple Baffle Bolt program Westinghouse offers inspection, analysis and replacements for baffle bolts. Our Acceptable Bolting Pattern Analysis (ABPA) is the only analysis approved by the NRC and can significantly reduce outage delays. Our predictive analysis capability can be used to optimize inspection intervals.
EB 17-03a, EB 17-03b Efficient and Innovative Steam Generator Services Westinghouse’s suite of steam generator services significantly reduces inspection time, personnel dose, sludge lancing time, data analyst demand, and equipment usage. At the same time we can extend probe life, improve indication accuracy, enhance set-up flexibility and speed and remove more deposits to elongate the life of steam generator tubes. This includes the innovative Zephyr eddy current testing system that is proven to reduce outage schedule, radioactive waste and outage cost.
EB 17-09 Integral Fuel Burnable Absorbers (IFBA & IFBA/Gad) Westinghouse’s IFBA fuel pellet has revolutionized PWR nuclear reactor fuel management loading patterns and has enabled highly improved fuel cycle economics. Westinghouse is now building on the success of our flagship IFBA product with IFBA/Gad hybrid fuel assemblies that facilitate longer (24-month) cycles while providing similarly improved fuel cycle cost (FCC) savings.
EB 17-09 Westinghouse 50.69 Program Westinghouse provides services to aid the licensee in the strategic planning, regulatory reviews, and subsequent implementation activities that allow the licensee to realize the potential benefits available through the 10 CFR 50.69 regulation. Westinghouse has also developed the most complete categorization database tool for risk-informed operations available in the industry.
EB 17-10 Mini System Decontamination (MSD) skid Our MSD skid reduces radiation exposure during outages or on-line, targeting localized hotspots of small bore lines. Its modular design requires a smaller footprint, with easy mobility and set-up allowing multiple decontaminations in the same window.

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NEI Efficiency Bulletin Link Product/Service Description
Multiple EnCore™ Fuel EnCore Fuel is being developed to deliver design-basis-altering safety margins, withstanding far more severe conditions than today’s fuel. This suite of products offers economic benefits of up to hundreds of millions of dollars and an accelerated delivery timeline.
Multiple Hot Wire Laser Welding Hot wire laser welding (HWLW) is similar to arc welding, except that there is no welding arc: the arc is eliminated and is replaced by a beam of coherent laser light. The collimated laser beam adds heat (via conduction) to achieve melting at the fusion point. The result is a superior level of welding precision and significantly higher production rates not achievable with conventional arc-based welding.
Multiple Dynamic Rod Worth Measurement (DRWM™) and new RhoPRO™ reactivity computer DRWM saves an average of approximately 10 hours of critical path time compared to rod swap techniques and another five hours due to additional changes to the LPPT program. RhoPRO reduces control room space needs and eliminates obsolescence issues while automating data processes.
Multiple Subcritical Physics Testing using RhoPRO™ The Subcritical Physics Testing (SPT) program with RhoPRO is a revolutionary process for core design validation that can completely eliminate outage critical path time associated with low power physics testing (LPPT) requirements. The SPT process departs from traditional LPPT and the same primary objective is achieved by performing measured-to-predicted comparisons of inverse count rate ratio (ICRR) over a variety of subcritical core configurations and conditions.
EB 16-25 Jet Pump Slip
Joint Extension
Westinghouse has developed a Jet Pump Slip Joint Extension (SJE) that is the industry’s first proven root cause solution for flow induced vibration. The SJE offers a low-cost, low-risk solution that eliminates jet pump FIV by changing the flow across the slip joint from divergent (unstable) to convergent (stable). It provides an alternative to costly jet pump replacement, and mitigates the effects of prior wear and/or slip joint damage.
EB 17-03a Sigma™ RCP Seal Westinghouse is developing drop-in replacement seals for PWR hydrostatic reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) that provide reliable and cost-effective pump operation through superior stability, predictable behavior and state-of-the-art materials. Our Sigma RCP seal solutions are designed to improve seal leakage (performance) reliability, thereby creating a product that operates longer with fewer issues. The benefits that our customers will see include reduced seal maintenance costs, decreased refueling outage dose and reduced probability of a forced outage due to seal performance. The Sigma design will also help eliminate seal installation issues and will greatly reduce if not prevent plant startup delays attributed to low-pressure operation and seal hang-ups.
EB 17-11 Mobile Robots in Containment Westinghouse is applying mobile robotic technology to rovers, aerial drones and submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Rovers can access many areas to provide long-term surveillance and perform routine surveys, housekeeping or more specific tasks. Aerial drones provide rapid response in areas that are typically inaccessible without scaffolding or disassembly. Submersible ROVs accurately determine position to automate inspections and reduce errors (e.g., baffle bolt and reactor vessel in-service inspection).