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The employees of Springfields are committed to giving back to our community. Learn about what we do to contribute our resources to a range of worthy causes.

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Springfields has delivered nearly 1,850 apprenticeships spanning nearly 70 years.

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Welcome To Springfields

Since its origins in the 1940s, Springfields has provided nuclear fuel, chemical and mechanical fabrication for LWR, AGR and Magnox fuel, and conversion services for uranium hexafluoride.

As the first plant in the world to produce fuel for a commercial nuclear power station, the site has produced several million fuel elements and supplied products and services to customers in 11 countries since 1946. On 1 April 2010 Westinghouse entered into an agreement with the NDA for a long-term lease of the Springfields site, which transferred responsibility for the commercial fuel manufacturing business and Springfields Fuels Limited to Westinghouse.

Our nearly 1000 employees are dedicated to producing high quality products and services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about what we do for the nuclear industry, our community, and for training the next generation of nuclear industry workers.

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