How we benefit the UK

The UK government recognises Springfields as a strategic national asset for the UK, with the capacity and skills to manufacture fuel for all the UK’s future nuclear needs, including overseas export.

At 80 hectares in total, Westinghouse’s Springfields nuclear licensed site in Lancashire has been manufacturing world-class nuclear fuel and related products and services for almost 75 years. One of the most advanced nuclear fuel manufacturing facilities in the world, the Oxide Fuels Complex at Springfields is the UK’s only commercial fuel fabrication facility, utilizing advanced manufacturing to produce around 32% of all the low-carbon electricity generated in the UK.

Over one-third of Westinghouse’s employees at Springfields were trained on-site in the Apprentice Training Centre, located in the North West of England within the Northern Powerhouse and North West Nuclear Arc. The centre has been at the heart of the local community for almost 70 years and has recruited almost 2,000 apprentices in total. Apprentices are recruited annually to support our future business needs and to provide highly skilled jobs in the North West of England.

In addition to its status as a strategic national asset, Springfields is recognized as a world leader in safety, quality and environmental and technological standards.