Why Nuclear


Nuclear power plants have the highest capacity factors, or availability, of all generating sources.

No other generating source is more reliable than nuclear energy. Unlike intermittent sources such as wind and solar, nuclear energy provides electricity day and night. Looking at capacity factors makes it clear that no other source comes close to the level of availability that nuclear provides. Let’s compare:

A Stable Energy Source

Nuclear energy plays a key role in helping to provide stable electricity supply. Nuclear power plants are designed to operate continuously for long periods of time, and they run about 540 to 730 days before they are shut down for refueling.

Providing Energy Security

Nuclear energy contributes to national energy security. As an integral part of the energy mix in countries that operate nuclear power plants, it’s a secure energy source that nations can rely upon. It’s not subject to unreliable weather or climate conditions, unpredictable cost fluctuations, or dependence on supply from unstable countries. And, the security of supply is excellent, with extensive fuel supply sources around the globe.