eVinci™ Micro Reactor

Westinghouse is currently developing the eVinci micro reactor, a next-generation, small nuclear energy generator for decentralized generation markets

The eVinci micro reactor’s innovative design is a combination of nuclear fission, space reactor technologies and 50+ years of commercial nuclear systems design, engineering and innovation. The eVinci micro reactor aims to create sustainable power with improved reliability and low maintenance, particularly for energy consumers in remote locations. The small size of the generator allows for easier transportation and installation compared to large, centralized stations. The reactor core is designed to run for more than 10 years, eliminating the need for frequent refueling.

The key benefits of the eVinci micro reactor are attributed to its solid core and advanced heat pipes. The core encapsulates fuel to significantly reduce proliferation risk and enhances overall safety for the user. The heat pipes enable passive core heat extraction and inherent power regulation, allowing autonomous operation and inherent load following capabilities. These advanced technologies together make the eVinci micro reactor a “solid-state” reactor with minimal moving parts.

Advantages of eVinci Micro Reactor:     

  • Small, transportable energy generator
  • Fully factory-built, -fueled and -assembled
  • Combined heat and power – 200 kWe to 25 MWe
  • 10-year lifecycle
  •  Target less than seven days onsite installation
  •  Proven heat pipe technology
  •  Autonomous load follow capability
  •  Walk-away passive safety
  •  Unparalleled proliferation resistance
  •  High reliability and minimal moving parts
  •  Green field decontamination, decommissioning and remediation (DD&R)

Learn more about how you can partner with Westinghouse on eVinci Micro Reactor. Contact Kris Paserba, Marketing manager, at 412-374-4971.