Operating Plants

Obsolete Parts

Obsolescence and the ability to obtain qualified replacement and spare parts are primary concerns in the nuclear industry. As your partner, Westinghouse would like to make you aware of an imminent obsolescence challenge that could impact your plant.

  • HFB molded case circuit breakers
  • MCP molded case circuit breakers

HFB and MCP molded case circuit breakers are used in motor control centers and a vast majority of circuit protection applications. The current manufacturer of these specific breakers will stop accepting orders on Jan. 1, 2018.  

Since alternate replacements for the 10 Amp HFB1010, HFB2010 or HFB3010 do not exist, we urgently recommend acquiring any breakers in this category in sufficient quantity to allow for reliable plant operation. 

In the spirit of Delivering on the Nuclear Promise, we are also offering a discount on all of these HFB circuit breakers.

Please contact your Westinghouse nuclear parts specialist to place your order as soon as possible!