Genetec™ Security Center Omnicast

Unified security, Unlimited Possibilities

Genetec Security Center is a truly unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and communications within one intuitive and modular solution. By taking advantage of a unified approach to security, your organization becomes more efficient, makes better decisions, and responds to situations and threats with greater confidence.

Why Security Center?

Reliable and cybersecure

Have your system available whenever you need it. While built-in failover and redundancy work to safeguard system access and limit interruptions, advanced security mechanisms (encryption, authentication, authorization) protect privacy by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Flexible and scalable

Through its open architecture, you can enhance Security Center with Genetec modules and 3rd party add-ons that suit your business’ changing needs. It seamlessly scales to hundreds of sites, and thousands of cameras, doors, intercom devices, and intrusion panels.

A consistent experience

From system configuration and management, to live monitoring, reporting, and mobile access, operators enjoy the same, intuitive user experience across your entire security system. This makes it easier to train new operators as they only need to learn to work on a single platform.

A truly unified operator experience

Unlike integrated systems that simply connect a variety of security applications to share data, Security Center delivers an unparalleled unified operator and user experience. From a single monitoring application at their workstation or in a security operations control room, operators view the entire security environment. And, with information correlated before their eyes, they benefit from greater awareness and operational insights. This improves their decision-making and reaction time, augmenting the safety of your people and organization.

    • 1. Multi-task view
      Perform monitoring and reporting tasks in multiple tabs so you can instantly go back to the previous operation at hand.

    • 2. Interactive Maps
      Monitor your facilities with interactive maps that provide a dynamic view of all security cameras, doors, and alarms, with real-time events and status updates.

    • 3. Live cardholder verification
      Streamline your investigations with unified reports that run across all your systems and sites to quickly find and solve key incidents.

    • 4. Embedded call management
      Streamline your investigations with unified reports that run across all your systems and sites to quickly find and solve key incidents.

    • 5. Dynamic Dashboard
      Take action through an adaptive dashboard that automatically displays commands and controls associated with the currently selected camera, door,