Interactive Work Management System

Intuitive field application of computerized work instructions
Intuitive field application of computerized work instructions


Westinghouse Electric Company has extensive experience in developing and successfully deploying computerized procedure systems worldwide.

The Interactive Work Management System (IWMS) integrates field application of the computerized procedure system with a powerful work management integration platform.

This approach enables excellence in three key areas:

  • Work performance execution
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous improvement


This interactive work management solution enables teams to overcome complex challenges associated with work order management and execution. Through embedded data evaluation and powerful human performance tools the IWMS offers consistent execution of site maintenance activities.

This solution provides maintenance teams with real-time on-demand data to support efficient and consistent execution of site maintenance activities.

Embedded analytics provide site management with actual work performance data to allow meaningful post-work evaluations and effective continuous improvement.

Embedded human performance tools
Embedded human performance tools

Embedded references and on-demand component information
Embedded references and on-demand component information


  • Embeds human performance tools that alert users of erroneous data or data that requires subsequent action
  • Automates data collection to support work performance and component analytics
  • Supports expandable technologies with the ability to identify, prioritize, link, track and maintain data
  • Leverages existing distributed information systems to support improved work performance execution
  • Automates notifications and requests
  • Supports a real-time procedure change process
  • Conforms to standard site wireless and cyber-security protocols
  • Supports live work status tracking

Key Features

  • Supports procedure sharing for multiple remote performers
  • Time stamps and logs each action
  • Validates user qualifications to perform tasks
  • Performance analytics compare planned durations versus actual
  • Supports on-demand access to relevant references
  • Enables more effective knowledge transfer through embedded operating experience and lessons learned


Westinghouse has over 50 years of experience providing products and services to the global nuclear power plant fleet, including a complete range of applications such as protection systems, control systems, information and monitoring systems and operator training simulators. We have a track record in plant computer and vibration and diagnostic systems spanning decades for both domestic and global utilities for existing plants as well as for new-build AP1000® plants.

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