Risk Services


Westinghouse drives the global risk industry in delivering well-documented Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) models that effectively balance detail, execution time and the required engineering skill necessary to effectively interpret and communicate the risk insights derived from these models. The key to effective use of risk information requires that the model development and documentation be designed and completed with a clear view of the end use of the material.

Westinghouse has 60+ qualified PRA practitioners, innovative approaches and low-cost methods to deliver high-quality products.

New Plant Experience

Westinghouse is a global leader in combining new plant development with risk modeling and using risk assessments to support design decisions.

Westinghouse leverages PRA to enhance leading-technology plant design features and translate these new technologies to optimize safe and efficient plant operation.

Sanmen site
AP1000 plant Sanmen Units courtesy of Sanmen Nuclear Power Company Limited (SMNPC)

Westinghouse PRA engineers have extensive experience in:

  • Digital I&C and digital control rooms
  • Passive plant technologies
  • Risk-informed design development
  • Multi-Unit PRA considerations

Design Feedback

Westinghouse is developing the eVinci™ micro reactor, a next-generation, small nuclear energy generator for decentralized generation markets and micro-grids such as military applications, remote communities, remote industrial mines, critical infrastructure, etc.
Westinghouse is already in the early stages of risk feedback to the eVinci™ micro reactor design as was done for the AP1000® nuclear power plant design.

Westinghouse’s new plant PRA expertise extends beyond U.S. regulatory applications. Westinghouse has experience adapting U.S. PRA methodology to foreign applications. In March of 2017, Westinghouse successfully achieved AP1000 nuclear power plant design review by regulators in the United Kingdom, who concluded their Generic Design Assessment (GDA) by issuing Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) and Statement of Design Acceptability (SoDA) for the Westinghouse technology. The Westinghouse PRA team successfully closed two generic design issues from the UK regulator in regards to risk and design feedback.


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