Our dedicated Government Services team draws on the resources of the world’s leading energy supplier

What do we value most? Our people, our relationships, and safely powering the world. We are the world leaders in nuclear energy, and we are here to partner with the world.

As the need for governments to build, operate, secure and remediate nuclear facilities becomes a promising yet challenging inevitability, Westinghouse’s Government Services team is committed to providing turnkey lifecycle nuclear power management services to our partners at home and around the world.

With our long history as the premier nuclear operations expert in the world, we leverage the owner/operator mentality of our commercial facilities to bring those same qualities of risk-based decision making and commitment to cost savings to our government projects. No other nuclear company can say the same.

For more than 60 years, our people have guided nuclear plants through every stage of their lifecycles, from site selection, design, construction and start-up to total operations management. We also have extensive expertise in meeting the licensing, environmental permitting and other regulatory challenges associated with pre-plant planning, as well as the deactivation, decommissioning and remediation services required for post-plant retirement and site revitalization.

Our team’s breadth of experience outpaces the competition with the innate institutional knowledge, skills and proficiencies backed by seven decades of guiding nuclear plants through every stage of their lifecycles.

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