The Safety, Security and Environmental Reports prepared for the Westinghouse AP1000® are published on this web site. Only information that is commercially confidential or security sensitive is excluded from this public version.

You can find out more about the Generic Design Assessment including the regulators’ roles, progress updates and published reports on the joint GDA website or by contacting the GDA Joint Programme Office by email at or in writing to 4.N2 Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, L20 7HS.

Library of Reports

AP1000 Safety Case Overview - Roadmap

The "AP1000 Safety Case Overview - Roadmap" provides an overview and roadmap for the content and purpose of each of these documents.

AP1000 Safety Case Overview -- Roadmap

AP1000 Pre-Construction Safety Report

This generic Pre-Construction Safety Report is a top-tier document within the suite of documents that are to be produced for the GDA of the AP1000, which collectively justify the safety, security and environmental impact of the AP1000 in a UK context.

AP1000 Pre-Construction Safety Report

U.K. AP1000 Environment Report

The Environment Report is a supplement of the information in the AP1000 European DCD. The Environment Report presents an option for managing conventional and radioactive waste at an AP1000 on a generic basis. 

U.K. AP1000 Environment Report

AP1000 European Design Control Document (DCD)

Revision 1 of the “AP1000 European Design Control Document” (DCD) is based on the U. S. AP1000 DCD, Revision 17. Changes to the design as portrayed in the DCD were made as part of design finalization reviews and Regulatory commitments, and in response to specific changes requested for a European AP1000. The revision history and the change bars within the body of the DCD identify the changes made from U.S. DCD Revision 17 to European DCD Revision 1.

AP1000 European Design Control Document

Chapter 1: Introduction and General Description of the Plant

Chapter 2: Site Characteristics

Chapter 3: Design of Structures, Components, Equipment and Systems

Chapter 4: Reactor

Chapter 5: Reactor Coolant System and Connected Systems

Chapter 6: Engineered Safety Features

Chapter 7: Instrumentation and Controls

Chapter 8: Electric Power

Chapter 9: Auxiliary Systems

Chapter 10: Steam and Power Conversion

Chapter 11: Radioactive Waste Management

Chapter 12: Radiation Protection

Chapter 13: Conduct of Operation

Chapter 14: Initial Test Program

Chapter 15: Accident Analyses

Chapter 16: Technical Specifications

Chapter 17: Quality Assurance

Chapter 18: Human Factors Engineering

Chapter 19: Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Chapter 20: Decommissioning

Chapter 21: Construction Verification Process

Westinghouse AP1000 pressurised water reactor in a Post-Fukushima World

Following the events in Fukushima, the following papers were generated to explain in simple terms how the AP1000 plant would react when faced with severe accident conditions such as those experienced at Fukushima

Safety Case Documentation - Supporting Documents

The reports in this section provide the evidence to support the claims presented in the Pre-Construction Safety Report, the Environment Report, and the European DCD. 


Safety Case Documentation