Main Facilities

Made in Italy

Westinghouse Monfalcone has a fully equipped state-of-the-art 42,000 square meter facility in Monfalcone, Italy. Our unyielding quality assurance programs, direct port access, expansive bays with 23 meters under overhead crane hook, specialized fabrication and inspection equipment, and highly skilled workforce are keys to the outstanding results achieved to date by Westinghouse Mangiarotti.


Mangiarotti features machining capability including three large milling centers with turn table capacity of 600 tons, two deep drilling machines capable of meeting precision tolerances at bore depths up to 1000 mm, two vertical lathes with turning capacity up to 7500 mm, and a high capacity broaching machine.

Plate Forming and Fabrication

Our full line of plate cutting and forming equipment includes one of the most powerful rolling machines in the world, which is capable of cold rolling nuclear grade plates up to 250 mm thick.

Welding and Heat Treatment

We have automatic, semiautomatic and manual GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, SAW, ESW, FCAW welding and cladding capabilities that meet the demanding requirements of ASME, ESPN and RCC-M standards.

There is an extremely large 70,104 square meter modular heat treatment furnace.


Highly skilled and qualified inspection personnel work to ASME, ESPN and RCCM standards.

Two large radiographic inspection bunkers feature linear accelerators to perform high quality inspections of especially thick materials.

Clean Condition Room

Our 7,560 square meter clean condition room enables us to meet the most stringent environmental requirements for specialized customer applications.

The Metallurgical Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments for all mechanical tests (e.g., Tensile, Compression, Bend, Charpy, Drop Weight, Hardness) and chemical analysis (e.g., Instrumental Quantitative Inert Gas Analyzer for C, S, O, N, PMI Analysis, Corrosion Test).

The in-house laboratory plays a key role in the qualification of welder personnel to the ASME and RCC-Mx codes.