ASME & Safety-Related Component Supply

Team meeting in front of a Reactor Vessel Internals Core Barrel

Team meeting in front of a Reactor Vessel Internals Core Barrel

Ultrasonic (UT) Inspection and Underside of Reactor Vessel Internal (RVI) Core Plate

Ultrasonic (UT) Inspection and Underside of Reactor Vessel Internal (RVI) Core Plate


The Westinghouse Nuclear Components Manufacturing (NCM) facility in Newington, New Hampshire has been producing large ASME Code and safety-related nuclear components for over 40 years. First of a Kind (FOAK), complex, and high-precision products are continually delivered to schedule and contractual financial requirements.

Our experienced manufacturing organization values customer service and transparency, providing accurate, upfront cost estimates along with manufacturability and cost-saving solutions. The team demonstrates a clear understanding of the work, communicating openly and collaboratively, and delivering first-time quality and compliance. Our predictable product delivery record is a testament to the ability of the team to execute to the plan.


Supplying equipment of this complexity can often be challenging, particularly for vendors with limited experience working to nuclear standards and pedigree. At NCM, a focus on quality and safety is engrained in our culture.

NCM’s close control of processes, strict maintenance of records and requirements, and appreciation for the nuances involved in this type of work are the reasons that we are able to maintain program and cost compliance, and supply to schedule in accordance with specifications without the need for material rework, deviation notices, change requests or other delays.


NCM fosters a world-class ASME NQA-1 quality assurance program and nuclear safety culture. The experienced team of manufacturing, welding, and procurement engineers, coupled with project managers, CNC programmers, craft machinists, welders, and fabricators, work together within this strong framework to:

  • Define and develop the planned manufacturing and inspection processes, which are validated against requirements management matrices to provide thorough project understanding and accuracy of initial cost and delivery estimates.
  • Closely collaborate with the design organization by sharing lessons learned and best practices in order to attain manufacturing optimization.
  • Implement a well-developed, global and local nuclear supply chain to supplement robust internal manufacturing execution, quality, and effectiveness.
  • Perform the work in accordance with the established plan and communication requirements, and if needed, leverage global Westinghouse resources to deliver project success.

Core Support Column Machining

Core Support Column Machining


We strive to deliver “compliant parts with perfect quality paper.” Customers can be sure of the quality of products delivered from the Westinghouse NCM facility. Our continuous improvement and corrective action program is robust and encourages participation and self-identification by all employees, enabling us to increase the value that we offer our customers by continiously improving our efficiency and effectiveness.

Recent performance highlights include:

  • Over 40 sets of Reactor Vessel Internals, 2000 Control Rod Drive Mechanisms, and 100 Reactor Coolant Pumps delivered to satisfied customers.
  • Dozens of successful FOAK component manufacturing projects completed on a variety of equipment sizes and requirements.
  • Generation of over 1,000 manufacturability improvements for new plant components.
  • Rapid delivery of components to support unanticipated nuclear plant outage needs.
  • Many instances of stepping in for vendors who were unable to supply the equipment and fulfill customer requirements.
Large Reactor Component Delivered to Local Port

Large Reactor Component Delivered to Local Port