ICH-5 Thunderforce Video Camera


Cameras play a key role in the safety of workers and equipment in the nuclear industry. They are used to remotely monitor activities such as job coverage, personnel monitoring, fire watch, dose reduction, inspections, and monitoring of controls, gauges, and site glass. Due to the ever-changing demands for video quality, usability and the obsolescence of components, Westinghouse has launched its latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) compact and robust high definition (HD) pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) video camera; the ICH 5 Thunderforce Camera.

ICH-5 Thunderforce Camera

ICH-5 Thunderforce Camera


IP based PTZ camera with a full 360-degree view.

Provides an HD-LVDS (1080) video output capable of 30x zoom + 10x digital zoom, also having manual and auto focus and iris capabilities.

Contains a LED light, with variable intensity, mounted atop the camera to provide added illumination in dark areas to provide better visibility.

Compatible with POE+ switches.

Designed to work with both Genetec security center, and Milestone VMS.

The image auto-flips at 90 and 270 degrees ensuring the image is never inverted to the user and always auto upright.

Designed to work with the Westinghouse quick connect magnetic and handrail mounts.

Supports inverting mounting which can be configured at the flip of a switch.

For indoor use only


The ICH-5 Thunderforce camera that supports the reduction of personnel radiation exposure, personnel risk, foreign material intrusion, human performance errors, and help reduce outage and critical path costs. It is compatible with the industry’s most widely used video management software providing the zoom focus capabilities, along with a high-powered light performance.

The camera can be configured on any IP network and can be mounted right side up and inverted to allow a wider range of mounting options with no blind spots with a continuous 360 degree of pan and tilt.


ICH-5 Thunderforce Video Camera(s)

*Optional camera mounting systems

  • Handrail
  • Magnetic
  • Free Standing Stanchion
Image Quality in Low Light

Image Quality in Low Light

Image Quality in Low Light with LED Light

Image Quality in Low Light with LED Light


Handrail Camera Mount

Handrail Camera Mount

Magnetic Based Camera Mount

Magnetic Based Camera Mount


Westinghouse has been building video camera systems for over twenty years with a proven track record in implementation, reliability, and support. Current customers of the innovative Thunderforce Camera include:

  • Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station
  • Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
  • Davis–Besse Nuclear Power Station
  • Perry Station Generating Station
  • South Texas Project Electric Generating Station
  • Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station