Long-Term Operations

Long-Term Operations

The Westinghouse Solution

To keep your plant operating for the long-term, you need to think beyond the problems of today. To empower your colleagues, your neighbors and your community to reach your net-zero goals, you need strategic solutions that will elevate your capabilities for whatever comes next.

Your organization must make critical investment decisions based on a variety of factors – from economic, infrastructure and material to social and political conditions. But to keep your plant running successfully into the future, you need more than an investment plan – you need a partner.

LTO Planning Approach

Westinghouse utilizes a proven three-step approach to collaboratively work with our utility partner to develop a long-term maturity plan:



The Power of the Integrated LTO Model

Customer Benefits

Westinghouse is the ideal partner to work with collaboratively to plan and execute the long-term operation of your plant. No other company can provide and integrate the reactor design knowledge, licensing, and operational experience, industry-leading instrumentation and control technologies and extensive architect engineering and field service capabilities to optimize the current and future operation of your plant. Westinghouse’s unique qualifications allow us to protect the existing nuclear asset, while providing an appealing business case for maximizing power output and modernizing plants for long-term operations.

The LTO Advantage

The LTO Advantage

If your organization is looking to increase its plant’s long-term viability, Westinghouse can help. With a full range of flexible, proven long-term offerings, strategies and solutions, your organization can utilize our LTO program for targeted needs — ensuring your plant can continue delivering reliable, net-zero energy into the future.

Long-Term Operations

LTO Products & Services

With our best-in-class offerings, approaches and tools, Westinghouse will work with you to address your plant’s needs comprehensively for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

  • License Extension
    • Risk Assessment
    • Licensing Support
    • Plant Analysis
  • Plant Asset Management
    • Component Replacement
    • I&C Replacement and Upgrades
    • Testing & Monitoring
  • Performance Improvement
    • Power Uprates
    • Improved Fuel Technology
    • Outage & Online Optimization
  • Advanced Digitalization
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Intelligent Procedures
    • Parts Management
    • Centralized Procurement
  • Workforce Optimization/Virtual Fleet
    • Resource Sharing
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Training Programs
  • Sustainability/Additional Revenue Streams
    • Hydrogen Generation
    • Medical Isotope Production

Whether we’re replacing steam generators or modernizing I&C systems, Westinghouse serves as part of your team, implementing proactive, customized solutions while developing cost-saving plans, improving efficiencies and increasing operational benefits for decades to come.