RMS Telemetry Software

The Westinghouse Solution

Our telemetry monitoring software package provides an easy to use, reliable, comprehensive monitoring solution for radiological safety monitoring activities. The program suite includes system administrative features for configuration and setup in addition to telemetry viewing programs: RMS Table and RMS View. With its latest release, RMS is compatible with Microsoft’s current line of operating systems. RMS maintains the same application interface allowing existing RMS users immediate familiarity. New users are easily trained in a 2-hour session.

Access Control System Interface

Our remote monitoring software package interfaces with all access control systems such as REMS, HIS20 and Sentinel. The interface queries the access control database for the information related to the transmitting electronic dosimeter number so that the name, location, dose limited, rate limit and RWP are populated in RMS.

  • Remote Alarm Display – Remotely monitors the alarm status of Tool and Portal Monitors, HEPA units for high flow, low flow or loss of power.
  • Telemetry Mobile App – Allows the user to view telemetry data on AndroidTM, WindowsTM, or iOSTM handheld devices.
  • Video Overlay – Writes dosimetric data to live video stream in GenetecTM and MilestoneTM.
  • Audible Notifications – Alerts workers with audible dose rates and alarms via VCOMTM software.


Cache Data Engine Update

RMS utilizes an updated Cache Data Engine with the following benefits:

  • Utilizes new performance database format to process code faster
  • Support windows server 2019, 2016, 2012R2, 2012 and Windows OS 8, 10
  • Increased database size up to 4TB or combine up to 8 separate databases up to 32TB
  • Supports shadow servers, mirroring and can join servers in clusters
  • Utilizes WIJ file to improve database integrity
  • Supports more sophisticated applications (future development)
  • Web Services and Internal XML support

Software Features

  • System Administration – The program suite includes Setup, Table Edit, Colors, Log File Report, RMS Signs, Rad Worker Database and Simulator programs.
  • Tool and Portal Monitors – Remotely monitor the alarm status of tool and portal monitors.
  • HEPA Units – Remotely monitor the status of HEPA units (low flow, high flow, loss of power, etc.).
  • HTML Output – Create up to 99 HTML pages for your Intranet RAD Pro web page. Allows other departments to easily view area monitors, air activity monitors, or just to monitor their own department’s work activities.
  • Electronic Signage – Control Alpha signs over the site network and export dosimetric data for live display.
  • Network Relays (Contact Closures) – Automatically controls relay function.
  • OSI PI Integration – Output data to OSI PI plant process monitoring systems.
  • Continuous Air Monitors – Reads and displays data from Continuous Air Monitors (CAM) such as AMS4, Bladewerx, Mirion, 3M, etc.
  • Heat Stress Monitors – Reads and displays data from Heat Stress Monitors (e.g. Q-Box).