Our Government Services Capabilities

As the demand for cleaner, safer and more reliable sources of carbon-free energy takes on greater urgency, the need for governments to build, operate, secure and remediate nuclear facilities has become a promising yet challenging inevitability.

As the world’s leading nuclear supplier, we’re uniquely equipped to help. For more than 60 years, we’ve guided nuclear plants through every stage of their lifecycles, from site selection, design, construction and start-up to total operations management. We also have far-reaching experience in meeting the licensing, environmental permitting and other regulatory challenges associated with pre-plant planning, as well as the deactivation, decommissioning and remediation services required for post-plant retirement and site revitalization.

While competing companies tout a range of comparable nuclear services, none can offer the vast institutional knowledge, skills and proficiencies that we do.

Our Government Services team brings Westinghouse’s extensive commercial nuclear experience and expertise to every nuclear focus area, from environmental management and national security and deterrence to nuclear energy, science and technology, research and development, and legacy management.

Site, Facilities & Operations Management

Our decades of experience informs and enhances our ability to provide complete turnkey management services to any nuclear power plant in the world, from the essential task of meeting operating, regulatory and manufacturing mandates to the critical challenge of maximizing operating margins, increasing power output and extending plant life.

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Nuclear & Chemical Processing Operations

Westinghouse operates more than 2.5 million square feet of highly hazardous chemical and nuclear processing, globally. We provide our utility customers around the world with reliable and dependable nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel, plant automation and operating plant products and services.

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Nuclear Process Systems

Westinghouse is one of the world’s leading producers of large components for nuclear power plants, with more than 60 years of experience with manufacturing and testing capabilities for reactor vessel internals, control rod drive mechanisms, reactor coolant pumps and related products from our Newington, New Hampshire, facility.

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Westinghouse Case Studies

Learn how our Government Services team has led its partners to success, leveraging our access to the broader Westinghouse experience and our ability to utilize Westinghouse resources in our projects.

Westinghouse managed and performed the full decommissioning effort at this facility.

Hematite Fuel Fabrication Facility Decommissioning


Westinghouse has been instrumental in processing DUF6 to UO2 for the U.S. DoE.

DUF6 Conversion Project


Learn about the system we created for accelerating tank closure from salt waste.

Tank Closure Cesium Removal (TCCR) Project


Our facility is the largest for-profit fuel production operation of its kind.

Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility


Slovakia-owned JAVYS sought a decommissioning partner. They chose Westinghouse.

Bohunice V1 D&D Project



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