Westinghouse has been advancing nuclear power plant design and operations for more than 60 years

When it comes to operating nuclear power plants, no one understands what it takes to maximize their safety, performance and longevity better than the company that builds and operates them for a living.

Our decades of experience informs and enhances our ability to provide complete turnkey management services to any nuclear power plant in the world, from the essential task of meeting operating, regulatory and manufacturing mandates to the critical challenge of maximizing operating margins, increasing power output and extending plant life.

We’re experts in the everyday tasks of delivering, storing and disposing nuclear fuel; designing and manufacturing fuel-handling equipment; executing power outages with minimal downtime; supplying, repairing and replacing nuclear components; and providing complete training, engineering and automation services.

Safe and Reliable Performance

Safety, predictability, reliability and efficient, worry-free performance – you can count on Westinghouse to deliver these promises to maximize your plant’s operation.


Case Study

DUF6 Conversion Project

Westinghouse has been instrumental in helping to process the DoE’s inventory of stored DUF6 to uranium oxide for eventual disposal or reuse and hydrofluoric acid for industrial use. Through joint venture company Mid-America Conversion Services, Westinghouse Government Services supplies key personnel to operate the two depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) conversion facilities at the DoE’s Paducah Diffusion Plant site and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant site.

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