Westinghouse is the global expert in decontamination, deactivation, demolition and dismantling of nuclear power plants

Westinghouse has an exceptionally skilled resource base and continues to build on that skill set through relationships with expert groups and research organizations. For more than 20 years, Westinghouse has used chemical decontamination, which was developed for commercial use in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Westinghouse provides many advantages through more than 30 years of project experience in PWR, BWR, GCT and sodium-cooled nuclear power plant reactor vessel internals segmentation and packaging.

In addition, Westinghouse offers:

  • Layout and technical design of remote-controlled handling, lifting and cutting devices
  • Segmentation and packaging plans
  • Assembly, start-up, training and operation of integrated dismantling facilities
  • Segmentation work on-site
  • Calculation and layout of radiological shielding
  • Support and management of dismantling and decommissioning licensing processes
  • Transportation container design and procurement
  • Overall project management for large projects
  • Heavy lifting
  • Health physics


Case Study

Bohunice V1 Project

The Bohunice V1 Project, located in the Republic of Slovakia, Europe, involves the dismantling of two water-water energetic reactors (WWER), or Russian vodo-vodyanoi energetichesky reactor (VVER), Russian VVER-440-unit nuclear power plant that ceased operation in 2006 and 2008. The state-owned Slovak Nuclear and Decommissioning Company sought a proven partner in decontamination, dismantling and waste packaging. They chose Westinghouse for our innovation and expertise.

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