Case Study: Bohunice V1 Project

Start date: 2017 | Completion: Ongoing


The state-owned Slovak Nuclear and Decommissioning Company (JAVYS) sought a proven partner in decontamination for the dismantling of the reactor coolant systems of two VVER-440 units at the Bohunice V1 Nuclear Power Plant in Slovakia, which ceased operation in 2006 and 2008.


In October 2017, JAVYS awarded Westinghouse the dismantling contract based on its innovative planning strategies to meet the aggressive 5-year schedule and proven decontamination, dismantling and waste packaging expertise. The scope includes the demolition and dismantling of two reactor vessels, reactor internals, 12 steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, pressurizers, primary piping and management of associated high-activated waste. Through its experience and integrated technologies, Westinghouse is delivering this project to the highest safety standards.

Why Westinghouse?

Thanks to 3-D modeling and innovative techniques for segmentation of reactor components, Westinghouse leads the industry in dismantling and chemical decontamination capabilities.

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