Environmental Services

Retiring Plants. Restoring Landscapes.

At Westinghouse, our decommissioning and environmental services are dedicated to more than cleaning up retired plant sites. Our goal is to revive, renew and reimagine them into safe, thriving, sustainable community assets.

As the world leader in nuclear technology—providing products, services and technical expertise to nearly half the world’s nuclear power plants—we have gained a knowledge and level of sophistication about decommissioning and environmental services that simply cannot be matched by companies without our operating experience.

One benefit of working with a company that designs, builds, operates and supplies nuclear plants is that we know how to decommission all types of reactors, from pressurized water reactors (PWRs), CANDU® reactors, boiling water reactors (BWRs) and gas-cooled reactors (GCRs), to sodium-cooled reactors, research reactors and fuel fabrication plants.

The second is our ability to provide a total, integrated approach to dismantling your plant. We know how to manage spent fuel and treat, handle, store and dispose of radioactive waste, and our experience has given us the exclusive expertise needed to develop proprietary, ecologically advanced handling equipment, containers and other technical innovations specifically for those purposes.

We also clean, dismantle and remove materials from a site and provide the industry’s most complete range of ancillary services, from project planning, post-operation support and waste optimization, to final site surveys and monitoring and regulatory management.

With over 40 years of CANDU® experience in reactor design and manufacturing, Westinghouse is uniquely positioned to deliver custom environmental services that meet Canadian and international regulations and standards.

Together, our hands-on experience and depth of services enable us to retire plants and renew landscapes faster and at significantly less expense than virtually any other decommissioning specialist.