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Every year, Westinghouse supplies more than 100,000 nuclear parts and products - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to plants around the world dealing with planned replacements and emergent issues.

Extensive CANDU® experience
Our industry leading experts understand that supplying the CANDU fleet with quality spare parts requires different tactics, approaches and roles. From augmented designs or models to fit existing specifications to procurement and commercial dedication capabilities, we deliver timely, high-quality and cost-effective parts and components. We support both single orders and high-volume programs for nuclear parts and components including new designs, obsolete solutions, build-to-print and our own OEM products for the CANDU fleet.

Strategic bulk supply
Westinghouse offers a bulk supply program which allows our customers to enhance efficiencies through cost and schedule savings. Our team of experts design custom bulk solutions to reduce processing and handling time, overhaul durations and inventory at site rather than purchasing one item at a time (traditional transactional procurement).

From small to large
Whether your project involves new construction or existing equipment, for a nuclear plant or research facility, Westinghouse provides high-quality nuclear-qualified solutions and products that meet the original design and qualification of your plant.

Global to local
Our cost-effective, high-quality, nuclear-grade replacement parts provide global operators of various reactor designs with solutions for electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation & control systems.


With value-added manufacturing, robust testing capabilities and rigorous Quality Assurance qualifications, Westinghouse provides comprehensive solutions that include parts and component manufacturing, refurbishment, inspection and repair. Our dedicated Component Manufacturing teams are readily available to mobilize and meet your needs if a replacement part is needed for a planned or emergent outage.

From our metrology lab to our structural welding and machine shop, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to manufacture and deliver a broad range of components and innovative solutions. Our 37,000 square foot manufacturing facility is home to a dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified technical professionals as well as state-of-the-art production equipment including a 30-ton crane and 50 feet of clearance.


  • Build-to-print & design-build projects
  • Conventional and CNC machining
  • Welding & Overlaying
  • Heat Treatment
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • NDE and testing (liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, helium leak testing, pneumatic & hydrostatic testing)
  • Seismic & EMC testing
  • Final Assembly

Spare Part Kits

Westinghouse’s Kitting Program is perfect for customers’ planned maintenance activities. Our experts supply everything you need, or might need, in a single kit under a single item number for a given task. Once the planned maintenance is completed, you simply return the kit and we refill it and prepare it for the next maintenance package. Typically, more than one kit will be in circulation at all times, depending on the demand cycle.

The contents are fully customizable and can contain both required and contingency parts. Once the model is established, customers only need to pay for what is consumed rather than paying for a full kit each time. Kits are fully compliant to station quality assurance requirements and traceability standards.

  • Highly streamlined assessing process for maintenance staff
  • Significant efficiencies in supply chain, quality assurance and inspection as compared to traditional buys
  • Obsolescence is managed as part of the Kit Model
  • Decreased station inventory requirements
  • Maintenance windows decreased due to improved parts availability

Spare Parts

Whether you need to solve complex problems or meet daily needs, Westinghouse provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your spare part challenges. Our team understands that CANDU customers have unique needs which require specific parts and supply strategies.

When it comes to spare parts, Westinghouse provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for success, including:

  • Obsolescence and reverse engineering
  • Commercial Grade Dedication (including both seismic & electromagnetic testing capabilities)
  • Manufacturer of Record and for ASME Section III components
  • Blanket purchase orders and long-term delivery strategies
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Vendor quality program augmentation & supplier commercial management
  • Facilitate exchange of surplus spares across utilities

Vendor Managed Inventory

For our nuclear customers, there are many spare parts which get consumed daily. Unlike our Spare Part Kits Program, Vendor Managed Inventory is perfect for unplanned, sporadic, daily maintenance needs. Our team assists in establishing the list of consumable spares, and then designs an inventory solution around it. Westinghouse can determine the inventory onsite as needed, whether you need one centralized location to obtain your parts, or you need them in different spots around the plant.

Flexible options:
  • Our data centers can help identify frequently used consumable spares
  • We design and install a unique solution at our customer site
  • Ongoing management, replenishment and optimization is done by Westinghouse
On-site Inventory Management:
  • Inventory locations are setup close to the physical maintenance area at site
  • Using cabinets or bins, Westinghouse establishes inventory onsite for specific items, with feedback from our customers
  • Westinghouse performs routine inspection and analytics on usage, and ensures stock is refilled as needed
Key Benefits:
  • Inventory reduction at our customers is significant since stock is carried via Westinghouse's VMI model
  • Increase parts availability means less time expediting or searching for parts and more time maintaining your plants
  • Obsolescence of any items within the VMI program is handled by Westinghouse
  • Several commercial models exist, and customers benefit from the Westinghouse global economies of scale
  • Your resources do not need to spend their time procuring, expediting and overseeing the supply of simple hardware items, and can focus on more station critical issues

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