Project Overview

Vendor Managed Inventory

Westinghouse was engaged by a CANDU® client to design a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution for their Fuel Handling team. The team was looking for a better solution when it comes to everyday, consumable items and spares that are widely used within Fuel Handling.

The Westinghouse Solution

Westinghouse worked together with our client to design a VMI solution to suit the needs of the Fuel Handling team. Our experts worked with the client to establish a list of consumable spares and then determined the correct inventory parameters for our VMI solution. While fully customizable, in this instance the cabinets contained approximately 250 commonly used items and are maintained by Westinghouse. This solution reduced the need for maintainers to request and obtain each item individually, and also allowed them to spend more of their time adding value through maintenance-related activities.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased parts availability reduces time expediting or searching for parts and increases time maintaining the plant and equipment
  • Westinghouse performs routine inspection and analytics on usage, and ensures stock is refilled as needed
  • Existing customer inventory can be reduced and replaced by the VMI solution