Project Overview

Calandria Relief Duct Laser Measurement

Westinghouse’s team designed, manufactured and delivered a laser scanner toolset to provide our customer with a full profile and measurements of the Calandria Relief Duct (CRD) nozzle weld. The customers four CRDs had suffered significant degradation due to chloride induced Trans-granular Stress Corrosion Cracking and the current condition. Additionally, the as-built geometry of the CRDs was unknown. The measurements were required to plan for future repair techniques and gather detailed plots of the CRD nozzle and weld regions.

The Westinghouse Solution

In collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team (software, mechanical, electrical, system integration & field deployment), Westinghouse designed, manufactured and delivered a laser scanner toolset in an accelerated timeframe. The laser scanning tool’s primary functions were to scan the nozzle region of the CRD and obtain measurements throughout entirety of the CRD, with special attention given to bend and weld regions. The tool set includes the laser scanning tool, control box, pendant, and HMI Laptop as well as the winch from the CRD visual inspection cart.

Due to the inspection location, our team required a radiation hardened sensor. Readily available sensors did not have data on their radiation susceptibility, leading the team to obtain their own data through external hot cell testing. Our experts then designed a delivery system to position the laser and provide the rotational axis required to conduct a scan to obtain geometry measurements including ID, ovality, surface finish profile and taper geometry.

This process was conducted within five months of engagement and our team supported successful field deployment. Detailed scans were completed, and valuable data was obtained throughout the execution phase. Ultimately, plots of the CRD nozzle and weld regions provided critical information to the project team.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient deployment strategy to reduce cost
  • Rapid response to customer challenge; PO to site execution with in 5 months
  • Technology further developed & applied to new opportunities