Project Overview

Video Imaging Detection | Fire Protection

Westinghouse was engaged to provide a fire detection system to cover large open space areas due to new construction at our customer’s CANDU® plant. Given the large open spaces, Westinghouse designed and installed a Video Imaging Detection System (VIDS).

The Westinghouse Solution

The VIDS system employs proprietary software to analyze live video feeds in real-time to identify flame, smoke, oil-mist, or potential intrusion (considered to be a single, “all-in-one” detector solution). The video imaging detection combines enhanced resolution and picture clarity of a standard network camera with built-in flame, smoke, and motion detection capabilities. VIDS are configured to employ an EST3 Control Unit to monitor both the video imaging detection as well as any remaining standard spot-type smoke, flame, or heat detectors, with live video transmission via a dedicated, purpose-built IP network.

This solution was successfully implemented and allowed our customer to reduce both installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Customer Benefits

  • Lower number of field devices thus reducing annual operational costs
  • Immediate decision making at MCR without field verification
  • Improved life safety for responders and field staff
  • Post-event analysis to assess cause of event