Evolving Nuclear Technology for a Changing Climate

When Westinghouse powered up the world’s first pressurized water reactor (PWR) at Shippingport in 1957, not even the most forward-thinking nuclear engineer could have conceived the technology that drives our cutting-edge AP1000® PWR system or even our game-changing eVinci™ microreactor.

Today, it’s equally difficult to imagine what nuclear technology will look like 50 or 60 years from now. Yet, one truth is sure to remain constant: Westinghouse will be there.

Today, we supply our cutting-edge technology to nearly half the commercial nuclear power plants in operation today – and that’s just the beginning. We’re also providing complete development, licensing, engineering, project management, component manufacturing and start-up support for new plants in Korea, China and the United States, and facilities built on our technology are on drawing boards in the U.K., throughout Europe and in other parts of the world.

Given its scope and implications for the future, the challenge of a changing climate is likely one the world will be facing for decades to come. We invite you to learn more about how new plant design, services and equipment from Westinghouse will be part of the solution to creating an energy-abundant, carbon-free future.

AP1000 PWR

AP1000® PWR

The world's first proven Generation III+ pressurized water reactor and passive safety plant available.

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AP300™ SMR

The most advanced, proven and readily-deployable SMR solution based on already deployed technology.

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eVinci Microreactor

eVinci™ Microreactor

A next-generation, very small modular reactor for decentralized remote applications.

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