Westinghouse Asia

From new plant construction in China to servicing and fueling operating plants in South Korea, our presence in Asia is clear.

Westinghouse is proud to play a leading role in the construction, operation, fueling and maintenance of nuclear power plants throughout Asia.

China is taking the lead in demonstrating that today’s advanced nuclear technology is vital to achieving safe, clean, and reliable base load electricity. Today, four AP1000® nuclear power plants are currently under construction in Sanmen and Haiyang, and we are proud to have been chosen as the country's technology of choice.

In South Korea, Westinghouse has provided technology and major equipment for 20 nuclear power plants (14 plants in operation and six plants under construction) in support of South Korea achieving technological self-reliance and standardization in the design of nuclear power plants.

Westinghouse is currently participating in Korea’s new plant projects such as Shin-Kori 1&2, Shin-Wolsung 1&2 and Shin-Kori 3&4. Westinghouse is supplying major components (reactor coolant pumps and motors, reactor vessel internals), instrumentation and control equipment, Man-Machine Interface Systems, and technical and engineering support services. Westinghouse also helps Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP) operate its nuclear plants at the highest performance level by providing top-notch technology and products based on Westinghouse global experience in both nuclear services and nuclear fuel.

Westinghouse is focused on bringing global product and service experience to Japan with an emphasis on outage performance services and maintenance programs, capacity upgrades, power output improvement and advanced methods for safety analysis codes licensing. We are also dedicated to providing digital I&C systems in response to domestic upgrades demand in Japan.

We have also bolstered our capabilities in the supply of nuclear fuel and fuel-related services in partnership of  Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. (NFI), the sole Japan producer of both PWR and BWR nuclear fuel and related services. NFI is committed to the development, production and design of various innovative types of nuclear fuel, including technologies such as high-temperature gas reactors and fast-breeder reactors. In addition to nuclear fuel design, NFI has made significant technological developments related to the nuclear fuel cycle, fuel-related inspection equipment, and maintenance operations utilizing reactor core management systems and safety planning.

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