BWR Services

Westinghouse brings its 65 years of OEM experience in PWR and 50 years of OEM expertise in the BWR market, offering customers efficiencies, innovative solutions and dependable quality through our robust organization of engineering, instrumentation and control systems and outage services.

As the world’s pioneering nuclear power company, Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial pressurized water reactor (PWR) in 1957 at Shippingport, Pennsylvania (USA). Similarly, ABB Atom supplied the first Nordic boiling water reactor (BWR) to Oskarshamn in Sweden in 1972. In 2000, Westinghouse purchased ABB Atom and Combustion Engineering expanding Westinghouse’s capabilities. Finally, in 2009, Westinghouse opened the BWR Center of Excellence in Chattanooga, Tennessee to enhance BWR training and field service support. As a result, today, Westinghouse is a fully integrated, worldwide supplier of both PWR and BWR services.

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