Instrumentation and Controls

Westinghouse is a fully-integrated provider of BWR I&C solutions for both safety and non-safety systems.

The Westinghouse Control Systems platform is based on the Emerson Ovation product line and integrates key components developed by Westinghouse for nuclear I&C applications. As a distributed process control, information and data management system, Ovation offers a powerful, flexible and open-system architecture, supported with field-proven, industry-standard hardware, software, networking and communications components. The extended components support plant computer, monitoring and various system-interface applications to meet nuclear industry requirements.

The Westinghouse Common Qualified or Common QTM safety grade instrumentation and control platform is approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other nuclear regulators worldwide for both new plant build applications and operating plant safety system upgrades. The Common Q platform is safe, reliable, easy to service and supported for long-term operations.

The Westinghouse I&C safety and control system allows users to achieve higher plant availability, reliability, efficiency, safety and environmental compliance. It was recently selected to support the Limerick Digital Modernization Project, which is a Digital I&C upgrade using safety-related (Common Q) and non-safety related (Ovation) equipment. This type of project is a first of a kind for the domestic industry, as no BWR safety system has been fully upgraded to a digital I&C system. This is the first of many innovative digital I&C products Westinghouse is introducing for the operating BWR plants interested in modernizing their systems.

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