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Westinghouse Electric Company has been responsible for some of the world’s greatest technological achievements, including many within the nuclear industry, such as:

  • The industry’s first and the world’s largest atom smasher to study nuclear physics;
  • Reactor design for the first nuclear-powered submarine, the U.S.S. Nautilus; and,
  • World’s first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in Shippingport, Pa. (USA).

Our innovative spirit is fueled by the desire to help our customers address their most pressing needs and identify the Westinghouse products and services best suited for the task.

The Westinghouse Virtual Learning Series unites utility customers from around the globe with our key product and technical experts.

Past Webinars

Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges in Nuclear Process Safety

A Webinar by Westinghouse Subsidiary Fauske & Associates, LLC

November 15, 2018
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Fauske & Associates, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC since 1986, is a highly skilled team of engineers, scientists and technicians that are ready to solve your most complex process safety issues today. Join us to learn how we can improve the availability and reliability of your operating plants while maintaining regulatory compliance, extending plant life and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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Compliance with MRP-227-A for Long-Term Operation of Your Plant

Inspection, detection, and protection services tailored to your specific needs

August 28, 2018
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT
The Materials Reliability Program Report, MRP-227-A (Pressurized Water Reactor Internals Inspection and Evaluation Guidelines) developed by Electric Power Research Institute, provides technical recommendations for managing long-term aging of reactor vessel internal components. Those recommendations are in support of maintaining required performance during the 40- to 60-year period of extended operation brought about by a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission license renewal. This webinar will discuss the requirements of a Pressurized Water Reactor aging management program and its associated inspection plan. It will also discuss lessons learned from previous inspection campaigns.

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The Westinghouse eVinci™ Microreactor: Our Next Disruptive Technology

A Generation IV reactor concept to meet shifting energy generation needs

June 26, 2018
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Westinghouse is currently developing the eVinci
microreactor, a next-generation, very small modular reactor for decentralized generation markets. The eVinci™ microreactor aims to create affordable and sustainable power with improved reliability and minimal maintenance, particularly for energy consumers in remote locations. The small size of the generator allows for easier transportation and rapid, on-site installation in contrast to large, centralized stations.

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Addressing Guide Card Wear

Guarding your plant against unexpected outage impacts

9 a.m.-10a.m. May 24, 2018
Since guide card wear is an expected aging phenomenon, requirements for inspection have been specified and continue to evolve. This seminar will discuss what causes accelerated guide card wear, the most susceptible units, recent operational experience, how the wear is measured and future wear projected, and available contingencies if a unit is impacted by accelerated wear.

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The Westinghouse 50.69 Program

Your experienced partner in low-cost risk reduction

The benefits of 10CFR50.69 are potentially immense, but you know by now that the costs of 50.69 implementation are not trivial. Not to mention the challenges of controlling costs and integrating various specialized disciplines while maintaining aggressive schedules. 

Come learn how the Westinghouse 50.69 team can provide the current expertise in all disciplines required to support the development and implementation of your 50.69 Program and deliver results that start providing a return on your investment.

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Westinghouse Sigma™ Seal

A new innovation in reactor coolant pump seals

Westinghouse is proud to introduce our latest cost-saving innovation, the No. 1 Sigma™ Seal. Building upon over 40 years of operating experience and lessons learned, the Westinghouse Sigma™ Seal is designed for a 12 year life, providing the long term cost savings demanded by utility customers. 

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