Our Vision and Values

Our Vision & Values

At Westinghouse, our Vision & Values are our guideposts. They serve as the core of who we are and how we operate.

Our dedication to Safety & Quality First is what drives our safe, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner. Valuing Ethics, Integrity & Diversity exceed all that we do and are central to our success as an industry leader. Our Passion for Serving our Customers Globally is evident in our operations in 19 different countries around the world. We actively display our Dedication to Each Other Through Servant Leadership in a variety of manners, starting with recruitment and ensuring it is a key component of philosophy among our senior leaders. We are constantly Creating Value for Shareholders, Customers and Employees through our corporate social responsibility efforts and our passion for innovation. All of these statements are present in how we are Consistently Delivering Our Commitments, and you can read recent stories of our successes here. By living our values every day, Westinghouse will remain the first choice for safe, clean and efficient energy solutions.