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Military at Westinghouse

We appreciate your commitment to our country.

Whether you are active duty or former military personnel, Westinghouse is an ideal place to work. We welcome our heroes and the skills they have developed while serving our country.

Here's what some of our military employees have to say about their professional experiences at Westinghouse: 


Manager for China Project Planning and Operations

“My experience in the Air Force helped me prepare for Westinghouse by teaching me how to adapt to fluid situations and people. We aren’t always in control of the environments we find ourselves in, or the individuals we have to interact with. Approaching these situations with an open mind and being able to think outside of the box on occasion can be the difference between success and failure.”


Principal Engineer

“The Naval Nuclear Power Program and my time onboard a fast attack submarine provided me with the technical depth and work ethic necessary to be an effective contributor at Westinghouse. The Navy also encourages its “Nukes” to relentlessly pursue operational excellence and technical advancement with integrity and an emphasis on safety. This attitude has translated seamlessly to the already–established culture at Westinghouse.”


Startup Test Director

“My time spent in the Navy went a long way towards helping me fit into Westinghouse’s culture of technical excellence. Just like the Navy, Westinghouse relies heavily on its people working together to achieve technical superiority in our industry. My experience work in teams with people from very diverse backgrounds laid a solid foundation for me to help the Westinghouse team achieve its goals.”


Manager, Modules Delivery

“Operations in the U.S. Navy and at Westinghouse are similar in that the work output is unique and important, highly regulated and proceduralized, and the work has the potential to impact large groups of people. These are characteristics not found in every industry. Being exposed to this type of work environment early in my career allowed for an easy transition to civilian work and eventually to a position at Westinghouse.”


Delivery Stream Program Manager

“My experience in the Army taught me some valuable lifelong lessons that can be applied each day here at Westinghouse. They instilled in me a sense of dedication and commitment to each and every job or assignment, no matter how big or small it was. I learned to lead by example, to always be a team player and to continually apply a “can-do” attitude toward new challenges.”



Senior Technical Instructor

“Although my primary job is as an instructor, I am frequently asked to assist with other projects such as writing testing procedures, assisting with simulator development, equipment troubleshooting, public relations and plant startup. Since submariners have to perform many different tasks, my military experience was invaluable in preparing me for the diversity of assignments I’ve had at Westinghouse.”

Be part of a team that respects and appreciates your military service.


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