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Baffle Bolt Services

"Irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking of reactor vessel internals is an important consideration as nuclear plants reach extended lifetimes. One component that is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of the internals and that has been shown to be susceptible to aging mechanisms is the baffle-to-former bolts (or baffle bolts)."

Filtered Containment Venting: The Dry Filter Method

Safe and expedient pressure release from reactor containment to the atmosphere must occur so that containment integrity can be maintained if pressure builds up in containment during a severe accident. A filtered containment venting system (FCVS) is necessary to perform such a containment depressurization effectively while minimizing the radioactivity released into the environment.

Metrology Solutions

The ability to measure is critical to the successful execution of any kind of project. Work of any kind requires precise measurement systems to provide repeatable, accurate measurements. Westinghouse, through its welding and machining group of companies, understands the importance of this need, and offers a wide array of metrology services.

Mitigation Technology for Reactor Internal Components: Laser Peening

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of nuclear steam supply systems poses a significant problem for the nuclear industry.

Pressurizer Heater Replacement Services

In 2010, an international plant was shut down due to primary coolant leakage from a serviceinduced crack in a deformed pressurizer heater well insert (HWI). Intergranular stress corrosion cracking had initiated on the outside diameter surfaces of the heater sheaths, allowing primary water to enter the heater elements. The primary water then reacted with the magnesium oxide insulation inside of the heater internals, resulting in volume increase and subsequent splitting of the heater sheaths and HWIs.