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Dry Cask Storage – ISFSI Services

Dry cask storage in/on an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) is the preferred solution for used nuclear fuel until a permanent geologic repository is established by, or for, the US Government. Westinghouse, through our acquisition of CB&I Stone and Webster, has extensive experience in design, analysis, licensing, and construction of an ISFSI. We also have the experience and expertise required to evaluate dry storage options along with design and construction of ISFSI expansions.

Spent Fuel Dry Storage Services

Westinghouse is a market leader in providing services and technology to utility customers who are managing their independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI). ISFSI operations and canister-loading campaigns continue to be low margin for error for operating utilities and will remain as challenging for end of life plants. Westinghouse has a response to meet this challenge.

Temporary Cooling Systems

Westinghouse has developed a comprehensive program tailored to complement plant systems for decay heat removal during outages. The program has integrated engineering excellence with complete solutions to address specific issues.