Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Delivering Confidence through Probabilistic Risk Assessments

As the power generation industry continues to evolve, plant safety is a required constant. Our Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRAs) / Probabilistic Safety Assessments (PSAs) go beyond safety to drive down operating costs through a sustainable and reliable approach.

Optimizing applications both during online and outage seasons provides utilities with comprehensive risk mitigation solutions, supported by our proven PRA and PSA models that capture invaluable risk information. Our team of experts interprets and evaluates that information to develop and implement robust PRA applications to enhance safety and performance.

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Optimizing Risk-Informed Applications and Maintenance

Our solutions include reducing maintenance and operations resources, minimizing regulatory interactions, reducing outage scope and complexity, re-categorization of system risk-importance metrics potentially minimizing component replacement costs, and reliable and rapid real-time risk monitoring to identify and manage plant risk.

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Optimizing PRA Models and Operations

Our solutions include development and update of PRA models to meet RG 1.200 guidelines as a prerequisite to use risk-informed applications, and training and consultation needs. Specific PRA model support includes internal events (systems), internal fire, internal flooding, external hazards, severe accident analysis, model optimization and integration, and specialty risk products.

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