Visitor Information

Our Springfields site is just west of Preston in Lancashire, offering the opportunity for key stakeholders to visit the UK's only nuclear fuel manufacturing facility, the Oxide Fuels Complex (OFC), which is one of the most advanced nuclear fuel manufacturing plants in the world. Within one plant, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques produce both Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR) and Light Water Reactor (LWR) fuels.

Our plant has produced 12 million AGR pellets and 20 million LWR pellets, which stretches for 376 kilometers when placed end to end, enough to extend from Springfields in Preston to London. Those pellets can generate enough electricity to fuel an electric car for 141 billion kilometers, enough to travel from Earth to Neptune and back 16 times.

Quick facts about AGR fuel pellets:  

  • About the same size as a thumbnail, one AGR pellet is equivalent to 1.8 tonnes of coal or 1,300 square metres of natural gas
  • A single AGR pellet can power an electric car for 32,186 kilometers or two homes for approximately one year
  • 64 AGR fuel pellets make up a fuel pin
  • One AGR fuel pin is equivalent to 115 tonnes of coal or 80,000 square metres of natural gas


Station Road
Lea Town
Preston PR4 OXJ

Learn more about visiting Springfields, including dress code and identification requirements, here.