AP300™ SMR

Small Modular Reactor (SMR)

The Westinghouse AP300™ Small Modular Reactor is the most advanced, proven and readily deployable SMR solution.

The Westinghouse AP300 SMR delivers on the promises of small modular reactors: smaller scale, modular construction for efficient build schedules, state-of-the-art safety and reliability.

The AP300 SMR, 300MWe (900MWth), is based on the licensed and operating AP1000 pressurized light water technology that has demonstrated industry leading reliability.

The benefits of basing AP300 on the proven AP1000 reactor include:

  • 30+ years licensing advanced passive safety technologies with global regulators.
  • Uses advanced proven Instrumentation & Controls technology to simplify operations and increase reliability.
  • Fast load change capabilities to support variations in demand with additional capability to support district heating, desalination and hydrogen production.

The AP300 SMR has a proven pedigree throughout the plant lifecycle. For the UK, this means risk reduction leading to smoother deployment and operational success.