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Commercial Grade Dedication

The Westinghouse Solution Westinghouse has made significant investments in equipment and skilled resources to perform a wide variety of commercial grade dedication. This team of qualified inspectors, technicians and engineers experienced in executing CGD activities enables Westinghouse to dedicate any type of component from fuses and bolts to circuit breakers and electrical cabinets.

Electro-mechanical Assembly and Instrumentation and Control Shop Capabilities

Combustion Engineering (CE) Control Element Drive Mechanism (CEDM) coils have been in use for more than 40 years with a respectable operating history. However, the upper gripper coil, which is normally energized continuously in order to hold the control rod at the full out position, has been found to be under particular stress. As a result, the CE CEDM upper gripper coil is prone to early failures, accelerated by excessively high voltage or exposure to temperatures above its design value.

Information and Control Systems Platform

Background The Information and Control (I&C) Systems Platform is a non-safety distributed computer system for Category B and Category C applications. The platform has been applied in numerous nuclear retrofit projects, and is the standard basis for non-safety related nuclear I&C systems in Westinghouse new-build projects worldwide.

Parts Quality Program Testing and Inspection

The Westinghouse Solution INPO IER 21-4 recommends the implementation of a sustainable parts quality process that considers an item’s consequences of failure or degradation to address a steady trend of equipment-related consequential events in the industry. The Westinghouse Parts Quality Program (PQP) was developed under our world-class Quality Program and leverages Westinghouse’s extensive nuclear plant component and system knowledge, parts engineering expertise and specialized testing capabilities to deliver on the INPO Parts Quality Recommendation. The 100,000 sq. ft. Westinghouse Parts Business technical center in New Stanton, PA (USA) is fully equipped and ready to supply original Westinghouse parts in line with your site Parts Quality Initiative.

Valves - Spare Parts & Replacements

Westinghouse Parts Business maintains the expertise and brings industry-proven teaming partners together to provide utilities with turn-key valve asset management solutions including spare parts fulfillment, custom parts kits, reverse engineering, repair, and replacement valve assemblies for code, safety and non-safety related applications.