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Advanced Rod Control Hybrid

The Westinghouse Solid State Rod Control System (SSRCS) has been in operation at many plants for over 30 years. This system has been very reliable but obsolescence concerns are increasing and personnel experience for the analog control system is difficult to maintain in the modern, digital world. The system also has limited diagnostics and can be time consuming to troubleshoot, increasing downtime.

Digital Rod Position Indication Advanced Display System

Benefits Summary ,The Westinghouse DADS offers these benefits: Minimal installation time (approximately two hours), Fits inside the same footprint as the original DRPI display system using the same interface connections

Flux Mapping System – Flux Mapping Console and Detector Drive System Upgrades, Enhancements and Replacements

Westinghouse has been providing its Flux Mapping System (FMS) for pressurized water reactors (PWRs) since the beginning of the commercial nuclear power industry. The FMS provided by Westinghouse and systems based on the Westinghouse technology and design are in operation in nearly 50 percent of the operating plants worldwide. Replacement systems and upgrades also have been provided to PWR FMSs.

NextGen RPI

The Westinghouse Solution Westinghouse’s patent-pending NextGEN RPI design offers a cost-effective solution to resolve all Analog Rod Position Indication (ARPI) shortcomings and provide a simplified upgrade solution for ARPI and Digital Rod Position Indication (DRPI) plants.

WINCISE (Westinghouse In-Core Information Surveillance & Engineering)

WINCISE™ (Westinghouse In-Core Information Surveillance & Engineering) is an operational support system that uses Westinghouse technology licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to obtain an accurate, continuous core power distribution measurement.