Act in the Best Interests of the Company

Conflicts of interest occur when an employee’s outside activities, personal financial interests, or other personal interests influence or appear to influence decisions that affect Westinghouse.

We should always act in the best interest of Westinghouse. This means:

  • Avoid actions that create a conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest
  • Comply with the Personal Conflicts of Interest Policy

All employees should disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest to their manager, Human Resources business partner or Global Compliance at

Conflict of Interest

Having a conflict of interest is not always a violation of our Code, but failure to disclose most definitely is. Here are some examples of potential conflicts of interest:

  • Doing business with close friends or family members
  • Managing your own business or taking a second job
  • Family or close personal relationships with a Westinghouse employee(s) at one of our customers suppliers, vendors, or competitors
  • Having direct or indirect significant financial interest in one of our competitors, suppliers, customers, or other business partners
  • Diverting a business opportunity from Westinghouse to another company
  • Serving on the Board of Directors of a for-profit business

I was asked to be on a for-profit Board of Directors of an outside organization. Is it a conflict?

Although this would not always constitute a conflict, employees should be careful about the circumstances. Conflicts of interest are more likely when the outside organization is a competitor, supplier, or customer, or has some other existing relationship with Westinghouse. In all cases, you must discuss potential service on any Board with the Global Compliance organization before accepting a directorship.

Can I do work for a Westinghouse customer on my own time? I just want to save the customer money and the customer would receive the same quality of service as if Westinghouse provided the service.

No. This is a direct conflict of interest. You are using your knowledge of a Westinghouse customer and that customer’s needs to create extra income for yourself. You may also be directly competing against the Company by taking a potential Westinghouse business opportunity.

Conflict of Interest:

A conflict of interest is a financial or other interest, direct or indirect, which may affect, or might reasonably be thought by others to affect, an employee’s judgment or conduct in matters involving Westinghouse.