Be Safe

Our goal of ZERO harm applies to all aspects of safety, security, and quality – as well as ethics and integrity. Everyone must accept the responsibility for keeping themselves and their workplace safe. To stay safe:  

  • Show respect for others
  • Follow the rules
  • Stop when unsure
  • Promptly report problems
  • My signature is my word

I am working at a customer site and their safety standards are different. I am concerned that this may put our employees at risk. What should I do?

You must ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. If there is an immediate safety risk, you should stop work and notify the highest-level Westinghouse leader at the worksite so that he or she can further advise you and notify the customer. Working with the customer, your supervisor will coordinate with Westinghouse leadership, and Environment, Health, and Safety, and Nuclear Safety organizations to develop a solution that allows us to comply with Westinghouse policy while safely meeting customer needs.