Live the Code - Seek Help & Speak Up

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to live our Global Ethics Code.

This is Our Code.

At Westinghouse, we pride ourselves on our Speak Up culture and encourage the discussion of ethical implications. Speak Up culture means proactively reporting violations of law, our Global Ethics Code, and our policies and procedures through the Westinghouse Help Chain.

Speak up when you see wrongdoing or ethical misconduct

Our managers and supervisors are an important resource for guidance or concerns related to many company and job-specific policies and processes, work responsibilities, co-worker issues, discipline disputes, promotion opportunities, and issues related to the work environment.

At Westinghouse there are multiple ways to raise concerns, including anonymously through the Westinghouse Ethics and Concerns Helpline.

Our ZERO tolerance policy for retaliation goes hand-in-hand with our belief that speaking up is always the right thing to do.

Report potential or suspected retaliation immediately.

Speak up when our code is not followed

  • Contact anyone in the Help Chain or file a phone/web report through the Global Ethics and Concerns Helpline
  • When you contact the Helpline, the Global Compliance organization will receive your report and assign it for investigation
  • Professional, objective, and confidential investigations will be conducted in accordance with local law
  • You will receive updates throughout the investigation
  • When the investigation is completed, as appropriate, the Global Compliance organization will share the outcome.

What happens when I call the Global Ethics and Concerns Helpline?

You can call either using your name or anonymously where allowed by law. All Helpline calls are answered by an independent third party. An Intake Specialist will collect information about your concerns and send a report to Westinghouse Global Ethics and Compliance personnel for a confidential review. Independent, qualified, objective investigators designated by the Global Compliance organization will investigate your concerns and will take appropriate action. The identity of the reporter will be protected.

Ethics and Concerns Helpline

The Global Ethics and Concerns Helpline is a mechanism for employees and business partners of Westinghouse to confidentially ask questions and report compliance violations such as anti-trust issues, bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, data privacy, financial fraud, falsification of non-financial records, and trade compliance violations.