Honor Our Customers & Suppliers

Our customers and suppliers are integral to achieving Westinghouse’s vision as the global nuclear energy industry’s first choice for safe, cost-effective, and secure solutions. We must treat our customers and suppliers ethically, respectfully, and fairly while delivering what we promise.


Our customer agreements should always be in writing and conform to our policies and applicable laws. When dealing with our customers, we always:

  • Earn their business based on our superior products, customer service, and competitive prices
  • Present our services and products in an honest and forthright manner
  • Consistently deliver on our commitments while ensuring a strong nuclear safety culture
  • Avoid unfair or deceptive trade practices
  • Focus on high quality customer service
  • Follow customer site requirements, policies, and procedures


We hold our suppliers to the same standards of integrity to which we hold ourselves and which our customers require. All suppliers must comply with our Westinghouse Supplier Code of Conduct and applicable customer site requirements, policies, and procedures.

We treat suppliers how we would want to be treated. When interacting with suppliers, we should always:

  • Seek and secure the best value proposition for the company
  • Ensure all relationships with suppliers are free of conflict of interest
  • Keep supplier pricing confidential
  • Report situations where suppliers are not compliant with or the standards required by our customers.

We do not do business with suppliers that violate our standards, provide unsafe products or services, or are otherwise not compliant with the law. This includes ensuring compliance with country specific laws on human rights and anti-slavery, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act and global initiatives such as the United Nations Convention on Human Rights.

For more information, refer to Westinghouse Supplier Code of Conduct and local in-country policies.

I am overseeing the bidding process for a new contract. I thought that a vendor we were considering in South Korea was going to win as it met all technical specifications and came in at the lowest price. My supervisor asked me to pick another vendor even though it was more expensive and did not meet all technical criteria.

Your responsibility is to seek the best value proposition for Westinghouse. In this case, you may wish to ask your supervisor why he/she is asking you to select another vendor. If you are uncomfortable discussing the situation with your supervisor, use another avenue in the Westinghouse Help Chain to raise your concerns.


A kickback is a form of corruption that involves two parties agreeing that a portion of sales or profits will be improperly given, rebated, or kicked back to the purchaser in exchange for making the deal. Westinghouse prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption.