Compete Fairly

We welcome open, transparent, and fair competition. Westinghouse is successful because of the quality of our products and services, not due to the benefits of unfair or illegal practices. Anti-competition laws can be very complex, and failure to follow them can lead to serious consequences for individuals and Westinghouse.


Anti-competition laws require each company to act independently when making decisions on competitively sensitive factors, such as price, market, and contract terms. It is a violation of anti-competition law to:

  • Fix or coordinate prices
  • Facilitate or collectively bid on any projects
  • Boycott certain customers or suppliers
  • Share information with competitors about prices, costs, or profit margins
  • Divide or allocate markets, territories, or customers
  • Exchange or share unpublished information with a competitor
  • Agree to reciprocal deals with partners or suppliers

Competitors May Also be Suppliers, Customers, and Partners

In the energy industry, it is not uncommon for a competitor to be a partner, or customer, depending on the circumstances. This unique interconnectivity presents both opportunity and risk. We must be careful to not intentionally or accidentally share or discuss information that could lead to unfair competition or share information that would compromise our confidential business or proprietary information. Contact the Westinghouse Legal and Compliance organization have any questions regarding competition.

A friend of mine works for another nuclear technology vendor in the United Kingdom. When we were out to dinner, she started talking about pricing information relating to a project her company is bidding on and that Westinghouse is also bidding. Should I share this information with the Westinghouse proposal team so we can be sure to beat her company’s price?

No, you should not share this information. You cannot share this information with the proposal team as it could violate anti-competition law and also violates our Code. Having potential insider pricing information that could influence our bid would be a violation of our Code. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you should say that you feel the conversation is not appropriate and contact Westinghouse Legal and Compliance as soon as possible.

Anti-trust or competition laws:

Laws that prohibit a variety of practices that restrain trade, such as price-fixing, corporate mergers likely to reduce the competitive vigor of particular markets, and predatory acts designed to achieve or maintain monopoly power.