The Power of Data and Strategic Insight

Our OptiLife™ Service Center uses the power of data and strategic insight to help utilities achieve continued, consistent delivery of nuclear energy to the communities they serve.

To deliver robust insights from our global data, the OptiLife™ Service Center aggregates information from nearly 200 international power plants, including PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU and AGR into a virtual fleet. Westinghouse’s expert engineers leverage this virtual fleet data set, along with proprietary analytics and AI to make predictions and suggestion in real time. This information is then visualized and used to generate actionable insights for application across the plant in the areas noted below.

Preventative Maintenance Optimization
  • Utilizing an overall industry dataset, validated against actual station maintenance history to undertake analysis, validation, station acceptance and implementation, our right-sized maintenance strategy eliminates unnecessary maintenance activities, reducing resource waste while maximizing equipment reliability
Predictive Maintenance
  • Our integrated service offerings go beyond typical predictive maintenance alerts and allow our customers to automatically diagnose the issue and calculate remaining useful life. By combining these analytic capabilities with Westinghouse Engineering Expertise, we are able to further optimize maintenance strategies while improving equipment reliability
Enhanced Work Management
  • Westinghouse utilizes data analytics combined with our nuclear expertise to reduce existing backlogs, screen incoming work and optimize remaining work order parts and man hours to improve planning and scheduling efficiencies while reducing downstream needs.
Enhanced Procurement Engineering
  • During our readiness assessment, proprietary Westinghouse technology and analysis aids engineers by eliminating manual processes, while centralized procurement engineering efforts accelerate solution identification and resolution
Enhanced Inventory Management
  • Westinghouse leverages data and our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to curb inventory growth, consolidate inventory items, optimize stocking strategies, and utilize technology. These efforts centralize and virtualize inventory to reduce overall carrying costs while maintaining part availability.

Collective Partnership

Westinghouse’s best-in-class technology, utilized by industry experts, forecasts material demand and purchases, eliminating unnecessary expenditures and leading to more cost-efficient, innovative plants.


Subject Matter Experts validate and teach computer models while feedback powers continuous improvement, decreasing downtime and increasing access to dependable energy.

Improved Efficiency

Economies of scale increase efficiency while lowering costs and increasing plant reliability, further strengthening the competitive production of safe, clean nuclear energy.

Proven Value

Our operational benefits in the plant include a collective partnership, automation and improved efficiency, while a 38% cost savings and significant time savings deliver financial advantages.

OptiLife™ Service Center

Our OptiLife™ Service Center is a strategic partnership which optimizes plant equipment maintenance, procurement and inventory management while leveraging Westinghouse centralized, digitalized engineering services that generate insight focused on reducing costs and improving overall reliability. As a predictive planning tool, the OptiLife™ Service Center increases plant visibility, streamlines resource use and adds value by encouraging intelligent capital reallocation.