Westinghouse Offers Right-Sized Long-Term Operation Solutions

Throughout our history, Westinghouse has worked with companies around the world to develop practical innovations that solve their most pressing operational challenges.

Today, no other company is growing and investing in the nuclear industry like Westinghouse, making us the right partner for the long run.

We are devoting up to 75 percent of our innovation budget to developing practical, long-term solutions that deliver real customer value for operating plants. To us, that’s innovation with a purpose. For example, you told us that you needed a more cost-effective post-Fukushima spent fuel pool monitoring system. So, our engineers devised a way to effectively marry an in-house solution with an existing guided wave radar technology, resulting in a spent fuel pool instrumentation system that is simple, effective and affordable. More than 93 systems have been installed, and six more will be installed by the end of 2016.

Our long-term operation solutions are right-sized to be more practical, cost-effective and tailored than others can offer. This contributes to reduced cost and decreased downtime and aligns to the industry’s goal of “Delivering the Nuclear Promise,” the multi-year program to generate electricity more efficiently, economically, and safely – because we know that a viable plant tomorrow starts today with predictable breaker-to-breaker runs and shorter planned outages.

We believe that forward-thinking collaboration creates solutions that ensure a bright future for the nuclear industry. We are committed to working together with you to positively influence the direction of the industry. As your partner, we are here to help you navigate the technical and economic challenges associated with extended operations.

Westinghouse continues to invest in practical innovation that will preserve a bright future for the nuclear industry and your business. We’re the right partner for the long run.

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