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Reactor Services

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Visual Inspection for Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) Canopy Seals
EOMS-0001 Download PDF
BWR Core Shroud Inspection
NS-FS-0015 Download PDF
Boiling Water Reactor Training Services
NS-FS-0014 Download PDF
Head-lift Rig and Stud-tensioner Carousel
NS-FS-0028 Download PDF
TENSOR™ Reactor Vessel Stud Tensioner System
NS-FS-0030 Download PDF
Auxiliary Refueling Bridge
NS-FS-0031 Download PDF
BWR Multi-lift Tool
NS-FS-0033 Download PDF
Rigid Pole-handling System
NS-FS-0034 Download PDF
BWR SpaceSaver Control Rod Blade Guides
NS-FS-0036 Download PDF
BWR Steam Line Plug System
NS-FS-0037 Download PDF
BWR WETLIFT 2000 Underwater - BWR Reactor Disassembly/Assembly
NS-FS-0038 Download PDF
BWR Services
NS-FS-0039 Download PDF
Flux Thimble Tube Eddy Current Inspection System
NS-FS-0040 Download PDF
Flux Thimble Tube Replacement
NS-FS-0041 Download PDF
Flux Thimble Cleaning
NS-FS-0042 Download PDF
Fuel Transfer Tube Blind Flange Bolt Reduction
NS-FS-0044 Download PDF
Full-scope Refueling Services
NS-FS-0045 Download PDF
RCCA Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Inspection
NS-FS-0047 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Nozzle Plugs
NS-FS-0049 Download PDF
Reactor Cavity Services
NS-FS-0050 Download PDF
Fuel-Handling System Maintenance
NS-FS-0051 Download PDF
Spent Fuel Pool Index System (SureTrac)
NS-FS-0054 Download PDF
BWR In-vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) Service – Double-up Inspection Tool (DUIT™)
NS-FS-0055 Download PDF
FlangeBot Remote Cleaning and Inspection of the Reactor Vessel Flange
NS-FS-0064 Download PDF
Temporary Cooling Systems
NS-FS-0066 Download PDF
Under-core Plate Foreign Object Search and Retrieval
NS-FS-0071 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Stud Enclosure
NS-FS-0072 Download PDF
Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Services
NS-FS-0073 Download PDF
Refueling Tool Maintenance Program
NS-FS-0079 Download PDF
Fuel Assembly Loading Guide
NS-FS-0080 Download PDF
Control Rod Drive Shaft Button Measurement Tool
NS-FS-0083 Download PDF
BWR FuelMaster Mast
NS-FS-0086 Download PDF
Spent-fuel-handling Tool
NS-FS-0087 Download PDF
Burnable Poison Rod Assembly Handling Tool
NS-FS-0091 Download PDF
Improved Control Rod Drive Shaft Unlatching Tool Valve Station
NS-FS-0092 Download PDF
Rod Control Cluster Change Tool
NS-FS-0093 Download PDF
Reactor Vessel Stud-handling System
NS-FS-0094 Download PDF
Wet Annular Burnable Assembly Handling Tool
NS-FS-0095 Download PDF
Reactor Services Training
NS-FS-0104 Download PDF
AP1000™ Fuel-handling Equipment
NS-FS-0127 Download PDF
Mechanical Control Rod Drive Shaft Unlatching Tool
NS-FS-0130 Download PDF
Mechanical Rod Control Cluster Assembly Change Tool
NS-FS-0131 Download PDF
Emergency Spent Fuel Cooling
NS-FS-0133 Download PDF
Outage Management Services
NS-FS-0136 Download PDF
Hydraulically Operated CEA Extension Shaft Coupling/Uncoupling Tool (SCOUT)
NS-FS-0156 Download PDF
BWR Internal Core-spray Examination System
NS-FS-0160 Download PDF
BWR Access Hole Cover Ultrasonic Inspection Tool
NS-FS-0161 Download PDF
BWR Jet Pump Assembly Inside-diameter Manipulating System (JAIMS™)
NS-FS-0162 Download PDF
BWR Multi-axis Shroud Ultrasonic Manipulator (MAXSUM™)
NS-FS-0163 Download PDF
BWR Underwater Decontamination Robot Reactor Vessel Pool Cleaning Services (U-DEC™)
NS-FS-0164 Download PDF
Fuel Assembly Position Verification System
NS-FS-0165 Download PDF
Motion Assisted Drive Exchange Assembly
NS-FS-0166 Download PDF
Retractable Finger Spent-fuel-handling Tool
NS-FS-0168 Download PDF
Fuel-handling Equipment
NS-FS-0169 Download PDF
BWR Replacement Refueling Platform Controllers
NS-FS-0170 Download PDF
Asset Management Program
NS-FS-0171 Download PDF
Transfer Canal Four-face Fuel Assembly Inspection/Recording System
NS-FS-0172 Download PDF
PLC-based Crane Controls
NS-FS-0173 Download PDF
Motion System Upgrade
NS-FS-0174 Download PDF
BWR Jet Pump Slip Joint Extension
NS-FS-0186 Download PDF
Debris Uptake Suction Tool
NS-FS-0175 Download PDF
BlueRad™ 5-Sided Fuel Inspection Service
NS-FS-0201 Download PDF